Vector Launch Inc. v. Lockheed Martin Corporation – Patent Infringement Lawsuit

Friday, April 5, 2019

Today, Vector Launch, Inc. (Vector) filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Lockheed Martin Corp. for violating multiple United States patents issued for our GalacticSky software-defined satellite solution which has been in development since 2016.

This filing is a culmination of a sequence of events which started on March 20th 2019, with the Lockheed Martin announcement of “SmartSat”, their new software-defined satellite technology.

After exhausting all non-legal remedies, Vector saw no other path forward than to take this legal action, as we must protect our intellectual property rights.

Vector looks forward to an amicable and just solution to this matter that will benefit both customers of Vector and Lockheed Martin as well as the space industry as a whole.

Vector Launch, Inc.

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